Spring colors –
an awakening of nature

With the beginning of the new year, many of us, and I would dare to say almost all of us, make important decisions and declarations with which we promise ourselves, that with this magical first of January we will start dieting, eating healthy, exercising. We will quit smoking, eat fewer sweets, devote ourselves more, read more, and go to the movies. We will save more and spend less on nonsense. That we will improve ourselves or that this year we will more relax and rest. And these are just some of our New Year’s resolutions, with which we start passionately. These resolutions prevent us from seeing that such decisions are not made on that magical first of January, but in the spring.

Why? – you must be wondering. Well, look around you, and answer if your neighbor’s cherry blossoms start blooming at the beginning of the year. Or on the way to your work, someone has cut the hedge to perfection, and you admire that effort, even though you do not know whose hands are so diligent. Or a nice girl from your neighborhood whose name you don’t even know but say hello to, just mowed the not-so-small lawn on the first of January? None of this scenario does happen that day. Even when something flourishes out of the usual season, without thinking, we say that nature is crazy or that nature is no longer what it used to be. Does it sound familiar?

Look around you, and answer if your neighbor’s cherry blossoms start blooming at the beginning of the year…

Nor your dog or cat does change the hair that first of January. Everything happens, and it all starts with the arrival of spring when everything is waking up, changing, transforming, booming, and getting ready for fireworks. Our body then functions perfectly to – clear our blood. It sends us signals what we specifically need out of vitamins and minerals. Even though we are the most tired at the time, the well-known spring fatigue is only a preparation for the coming changes, inside and out. It prepares us for everything that surrounds us.

And if we looked back, but really stopped and looked back, we would see that the nature around us begins with that decision of change at the precisely perfect time. It does not look at the calendar, but with the first rays of the sun that starts to shine stronger, slowly, most lightly, wake up all around like a princess from a dream, and no change occurs overnight. And then we expect changes on the last of December on the first of January. It sounds funny, and sometimes too ambitious. Well, don’t blame us for being impatient. We are eager to embrace the results of made and implemented decisions because that sense of excitement truly fills us.

Thus came the inspiration for this article, in a garden that is about to become. At the moment, when the curious eye of the author of this article captured the young man who was so heartily ready, by hand, to prepare the ground for the future lawn. His two dug-out squares were just the beginning of one future mowed lawn. While he wholeheartedly enjoyed preparing the ground for sowing grass seed that can hardly wait to sprout out on that lawn, I could not spot the pleasure radiating from his eyes.

He planned to dig up just those two squares out of the remaining hundred. His goal was feasible, enacted at that hour, and an hour or two later fulfilled. We were just wondering how it would look like if he came out on the first of January excited and willing to dig those two squares. Would his frozen hands take away the pleasure of looking at those squares with every swing of the pick? Would the grayness around him be stimulating to approach that green color of the young lawn? Would he still lift his sweaty face to the rays of the sun even then? Maybe! Neither are we ready nor is nature. Neither are the birds, the insects, nor are the butterflies ready for those two squares of his lawn.

It’s spring, people, it’s spring. It’s the season for luxuriance, scent, and fireworks of colors. It’s an ideal time to make and implement realistic plans and goals. Because nature gives us wings and momentum, it gives us wind in the back. Now, right now, not on the first of January. When you first raise your cheeks towards the rays of the sun while you cover your eyes with your lashes. Just now, after the sunset, when from your balcony, you enjoy mowed grass, hedges, blooming tulip bulbs, of your or your neighbor’s garden. Just now, when the first birds chirping is heard early in the morning, when the air smells different.

It’s spring, people, it’s spring. It’s the season for luxuriance, scent, and fireworks of colors.

Maybe right now, you will ask your neighbor, whose cherry blossoms beautifully, a handful of cherries because you were kind of embarrassed by then. So this red juicy cherry bite will encourage you to make a plan for the perfect or at least healthy figure. It may be time to find out whose valuable hands have perfectly cut the hedge, so they will encourage you to wholeheartedly take the failed exams because, as they say, it’s all about organization and persistence. It’s the time right now and today to ask a beautiful lawn girl at the beginning of the article what’s her name. Maybe she will reveal the secret of how to complete all the boring and routine tasks in as little time as possible, so you have time to go to the movies.

Here is a little of our encouragement with photographs, dear reader, that today you do not have to decide anything important, not to make decisions out of habit alone. You do not need anything, not the first of January, neither now. And if you decide something, let it be during the spring fireworks show.

In that garden, which is about to become, where a cherry grows, near a man with a face covered in sweat, I made my New Year’s decision. I will love more, whatever that means. Uh, uh, spring fireworks under our fingers too.

TEXT & PHOTO – Iva Tominovic Matas