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Corn-Rye Crackers with Thyme

Easy Corn-Rye Crackers with ThymeIngredients 180 g rye flour100 g corn flour 4 tbsp sesame seeds4 tbsp sunflower seeds1 tbsp thymea pinch of salt1 dl water0,5 dl olive oilDirections  Put all of the dry ingredients in the bowl and stir them with a spoon to make the...

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Basic Hummus Recipe

Basic Hummus Recipe The chickpea is a highly valuable food for human nutrition. It is an excellent source of nutrients and rich in protein. Also, enriches our meals and is excellent for diabetics. Due to its creamy texture with a nutty flavour is excellent for the...

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Wholemeal crackers with seeds

Wholemeal crackers with seeds These crackers are plain with healthy ingredients and are very simple to make. If you do not like some of the components, you can replace them with your other favourite ingredients. For example, you can add some herbs or other grains....

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