California is a dream for many people, and there are many reasons why this is so.

If you decide to travel in the direction of California, after about 14 hours of flight, depending on the destination, you will land in San Francisco or Los Angeles because these are the two most important international airports in its territory. These cities are different in many ways, both in size and in the variety of offers for visitors.
For that reason, two weeks spent here will fly by without a moment of boredom. But as attractive and beautiful as these cities are, our advice is not to spend more than 5 to 7 days on them. Dare your adventurous spirit, get behind the wheel of a car, and embark on exploring the beauties outside the metropolis, as we have done.


Editors Picks
Maui – Sun, Sea, and Spectacular Scenery

Maui – Sun, Sea, and Spectacular Scenery

Experience MauiThe Valley IsleCardiff Reading time 13 min Probably many people are not familiar enough with Maui as a destination. But if we tell you aloha or Honolulu, there will be associations, and you will recall Hawaii or the Hawaiian Islands. But when we mention...



Cheers! Do you remember the popular TV series "Cheers"? The domestic atmosphere of a neighborhood gathering where everyone knows everyone and whose everyday life is disturbed here and there, by the arrival of some interesting stranger? I would love to have a place...

Coconut oil – for beauty and health

Coconut oil – for beauty and health

Coconut oilbeneficial for beauty and healthThere is probably no other oil that is as widely used as coconut oil. It is mostly used for cosmetic purposes, but also increasingly for nutritional purposes, thanks to its high nutritional value. The main ingredient of...

Food intolerance

Food intolerance

Food intolerance Food reactions are very common and cause so-called food intolerance, also called non-allergic sensitivity to food. You may have noticed, repeatedly, that after your meal, you experience difficulty with heartburn, problems with flatulence, digestion,...

Food intolerance

Food intolerance Food reactions are very common and cause so-called food intolerance,...



Tiramisu, that even Casanova himself would be delighted to eat it.

Today we’re going to prepare something sweet. I’m not referring to the rich chocolate cakes we make for birthdays or the grandmother’s cookies with a homemade jam that we devour on Sundays.
I think of a cure for the days where you feel frustrated and powerless to change something when few understand you until you stop wondering yourself with the people around you. A remedy invented at a time when intrigue and deception were still clashing with honor and memory in public squares and most representative halls.
You wouldn’t believe it, there are days when I feel like Venice. Surrounded by boulders and prone to sinking. In these, thank God, rare moments, I reach deep into my repository of hard-to-use knowledge and pull out some – story of life. Of someone’s life.


Design & Architecture

Food time



That Africa


Diary of one journey.

“We say goodbye to Morocco, the country that surprised us so much. A country where there is a mosque, a madrasa, a cafe where you can drink beer, a glass skyscraper, and a medieval medina next to each other!

What awaits us in Western Sahara, a desert country? And in Mauritania? Step on a throttle! Step on it! Motto, to travel is necessary, to live is not still follow me. I am looking forward to a curious sense of the future possibilities of this trip. The opportunities await us. We passed Agadir, Legzira, Sidi Ifni, and Tarfaya, the last great place before Western Sahara.”

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