Winter pedicure

Dear readers, when was the last time you went to a winter pedicure? Did you know how significant pedicures are in your daily life? Healthful and tidy legs and varnished nails should not be part of seasonal styling. Most of us, in the hectic rhythm of life, forget our feet as soon as the time has come to wash off the summer and say hello to the fall and cold winter, because at that time of year, our feet are beautifully hidden under thick socks, closed shoes, boots, or even ski boots. But this should not be an excuse for us to avoid the care we need.

The pedicure treatment lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes and includes a refreshing scented bath, scrubs, nail trimming, rasps forming, cuticle treatment, massage, and, as the client wishes, nail polishing. As already mentioned, the first is a fragrant foot bath with a comfortable temperature in which you will soak your tired feet, before starting treatment, and at the same time have a little time for personal relaxation. Exactly what we need in this busy life. Those few moments just for ourselves. Next follows one form of skin exfoliation, which will remove dead cells from its surface.

The pedicure will remove all the harsh and rough parts of the skin on the heels, bunions, and other undesirable forms of dryness that have manifested on your skin. We know that these arid parts if ignored, become our enemies, which can cause very unpleasant pain. You can spice up any pedicure treatment with your choice of scent from our extensive collection of pedicure services. You can choose fresh citrus fruits, milk and honey, pomegranate and fig tree, and many other scents to stimulate your senses to further relax you.

Did you know that for many years doctors have discussed how toenails should be shaped after cutting? They concluded that nails should be straight cut with angles trimmed at 45 degrees. Suggest this nail shape to your pedicure technician.

The pedicure technician will pay special attention to your cuticles, which will be neatly arranged using appropriate accessories. After a complete treatment for the removal of bunions, rough and chapped skin, nail and cuticle arranging, the pedicure technician will also give you a relaxing foot massage from your knees to your ankles and toes using the scented lotion of your choice. Therefore, relax and enjoy yourself. However, although this is a pleasant and relaxing treatment, you should be careful if you have varicose veins in your legs, if you are in the third trimester of pregnancy, suffer from circulatory problems or heart problems. In these cases, it is advisable to consult your doctor before pedicure treatment.

After the treatment, nails come in order, which, if you decide to do so, can be painted in the desired color. Since you will have to wait a while until the varnish dry, use this time for additional relaxation. If you are in a hurry and you are not able to spend an extra hour waiting for the varnish to dry, we are free to offer you a faster and more efficient solution – Cuccio Soak Off Foot Gel. This gel is applied to the nail like a regular gel. It’s used in a tiny layer, dried in a UV lamp, so it has the function of a permanent varnish. It is persistent, does not fade, does not peel off, and you are ready to go right away. The paint on your feet will last for weeks until the next treatment, on which the existing Cuccio Soak Off gel system will not be removed from the nail by rasp, but by ten minutes of dissolving in a moisturizing solution. In this way, you do not damage the surface of the natural nail. The gel simply dissolves, and a new layer is applied. Your nails shine in full glory as they present new colors from the Cuccio Soak Off collection.

The pedicure is no longer reserved for women only. All of you men who secretly read women’s beauty magazines and never admit it to your friends during football, try this service, you will certainly not regret it. The only problem is that you can feel addicted once you sit in the magic pedicure chair and dive your feet into a 60-minute relaxing treatment.
Guys, give it a try!
Pedicure is a simple hygiene method combined with a relaxation that can take years off your tired feet with one treatment! So do not neglect their needs in winter. Maybe only you see them at the time, but are you sprucing up for yourself or others?

TEXT – Nikolina Tkalcec  PHOTO – Cuccio