The wall of lust

Experience teaches us that the simplest solutions are often the best. If you thought that to enjoy the sexiest pose you need to be an expert in the Kama Sutra, you are wrong! Everything you need is easy to find in every location, while feasibility and privacy are another part of that story. But that it is a special charm of what we are writing about.

With some sexy clothes and the subject of your hidden desires and passions, of course, your dear person, the most important prop is a common wall. Which wall is in question, and what it is, and why the sexiest pose? Here is the answer. We know that the sexy poses for exchanging “tenderness” are countless according to the Kama Sutra, and each of them is something special and interesting, but one on the heat scale stands out. This is a pose where you and your partner are in a hot clinch leaning against a wall. There are many variations. Either you are facing each other face-to-face, or the woman is with her back turned to a man – according to wishes. But one thing is guaranteed – a hot atmosphere and a lot of passion. One of the reasons why this pose is so hot is because of a kind of rawness and urgency which lovers express during it. When the excitement completely overwhelms you, and you think only about how to tear everything away from your partner and jump him, this pose is the right solution to express that intensity of passion. The subtle aggression that occurs when a man squeezes a woman against a wall is a special spice that sparks lust.

The tastes are different, so the pose in which the woman is leaning against the wall and facing the man is perfect for men who like to dominate and women who like to feel submissive. Because He has complete control in this situation, He determines the rhythm. Many women are excited by this sense of vulnerability and subordination. One of the bonuses is the extra stimulation of that “important” point. Especially when a woman approaches and firmly clenches her partner with thighs and indulges in a fiery love clinch enjoying all the senses available. If you want to experiment a bit more and spice up this pose, you can switch roles partially. Face to wall, back to the partner She will offer a whole new dimension to the game that will both give a lot of pleasure. Women, surprise him and take control, be dominant, and control the game in a way that suits you, driving him crazy with movements he might not have expected.

As with all other poses, improvisation can lead you to discover a completely new and unique interpretation. After all, each of us is different, so different things suit us accordingly. Play, trust your partner and listen to him, this is the surest path to mutual enjoyment. This suggestion may not bring you the desired peak, but certainly, every new and different experience is the right path to reach it.  

TEXT – Ines Skobe
PHOTO – Robert Blaskovich