All the magic of one cape – Cape Kamenjak

Kamenjak is located in the south of Istria, within the town of Premantura, which is about 10 kilometers from Pula. It is a significant part of Istria that attracts visitors from all over the world with its natural resources throughout the year.

Kamenjak is located in the south of Istria, within the town of Premantura, which is about 10 kilometers from Pula. It is a significant part of Istria that attracts visitors from all over the world with its natural resources throughout the year.

Before we introduce you to all the charms of this pearl of Istria, we will ask if you know where Kamenjak is, or have you ever heard of it? Many are. And lately, many foreigners are discovering this area as well as the whole of Istria and Croatia. For starters, in simple terms, we will say that Kamenjak is the lower “peak” of Istria. To get there by road, and you will probably get the idea to do so after this article and the attached photos (if you haven’t already), then you must first go through the whole of Istria. If you would like to use the navigation, the coordinates are 44°46’7.92″ north, 13°54’42.57″ east.

Cape Kamenjak is a peninsula in the far south of Istria and is divided into Lower and Upper Kamenjak. Many call it even Medulin archipelago, Premantura peninsula, or Punta. It is 3400 m long and extends between 500 and 1600 m wide. When it all adds up, he has 30 kilometers of coastline. This natural beauty is surrounded by 11 uninhabited islets – Ceja, Fenoliga, Bodulas, Finera, and other equally attractive beauties. On Kamenjak, due to the higher proportion of the sea compared to the mainland, microclimatic conditions prevail. So do not be surprised if the wipers from the direction of Pula towards Kamenjak are working at the highest speed, and then suddenly, as if someone removed the curtain and entered the Mediterranean area without rain, lit by the sun. The clouds simply like to skip this area.

Driving to Premantura and Kamenjak can give you a real feast for the eyes. The locals perceive the ride as something ordinary, but most guests will be impressed. You will ride parallel to the sea very much like you would drive by a lake. After you pass the forest area, you will see a small town with a soul, Premantura. The author of this article could write pages and pages about Premantura, but all she will tell you on this occasion is that you should not forget to enter in its old and attractive streets.zPassing through Premantura, you reach the beginning of Kamenjak. About Kamenjak otherwise care public institution Kamenjak, which is financed from its resources. That is why when you come across a wooden house and a ramp in the summer, you will have to pay a ticket of 20 kunas in the preseason and up to 25 kunas in the full season, and this applies only to motor vehicles. This supports the protection, maintenance, and promotion of its originality, and the smooth running of natural processes.

When you come to the wooden signposts that point you to the Polje, Njive, Pinizula, Kolombarica, Skoljic, and many other bays, do not be confused as I did long ago on my first visit. Wherever you go, you can’t go wrong. Each route will take you in the direction of pure natural beauty, peace, and tranquility. Climbing hills and valleys, you will reach picturesque shores and bays. In the far south of Kamenjak, there are many caves, the largest of which are Velika and Mala Kolumbarica, named after the pigeons that used to breed in these caves.

As soon as you step on this ground and breathe in the air, you will feel fantastic, because Kamenjak is one of those places where the elements of water, fire, earth, and air combine into one. Your senses will notice the marvelous scents that the wind carries towards the sea. Your eyes will absorb those lovely color combinations from light blue to dark green. When you rub the velvety gray leaf of sage with your fingers and then bring them closer to your nose, you will feel a sharp scent that will clear your nostrils in an instant.

Enchanted by the beauties, you will forget everything and unite with the sound of the wind blowing through the pine branches. You will discover numerous picturesque bays. Some will be easy to reach, and some will require a little more effort. But for this effort, you will be rewarded not twice but three times. If you want to feel alone in the world and enjoy the light blue of the sea, then it is good to know that there are about 30 such bays. Due to their geographical location and climate, the plants here have adapted to the conditions of high temperatures and summer droughts.

The richness of flora recorded so far known 591 plant species. It is a combination of forests, grasses, maquis, and rocky terrain. What is very interesting is that the area of Kamenjak is suitable for the growth of orchids, the most diverse of which are here in Istria, with twenty-eight species, one subspecies, and four hybrids. You will also find information that Kamenjak is a habitat for numerous rare, endemic and endangered species, 37 of which are in the pre-extinction category.

Those who want to find out in more detail what kind of species are here on Kamenjak will not be left short. Every so often, various boards can be found, with a detailed description and picture of the species that live here. The same goes for animal species. If you find yourself on Kamenjak in the spring or fall, you will be able to witness the migration of many bird species. You will hear choir blackbirds, larks, titmouse, and many others, and you can see the majestic spotted eagle and see the elegant legs of a stork. Spiders such as black widows, snakes, and other reptiles also reside here. If you wait a moment when the bold line moon shines on one of the beautiful beaches, the owl call will turn you into a real movie romance on a warm summer night.

The seashore is a very dynamic area, so don’t be surprised by the strong waves hitting the rocks, the significant fluctuations in temperature and salinity. For those who like to dive, the Kamenjak underwater is a kaleidoscope of color. Various algae, crustaceans, shells, snails, stars, sponges, and many other inhabitants of the area make the undersea world a diverse fauna. You will encounter flocks of saddled seabream, red mullet, common two-banded seabream, and many more of their offspring of fluorescent colors.

Due to the favorable influence of the sea currents, the fish stock is one of the richest in Istria. If the ticket you purchased brings good luck that day, you will see a monk seal, which is thought to have disappeared from the Adriatic area. The possibility of observing the skills of grebes to dive in one place and to get out somewhere far away, about surfing seagulls in the wind, as well as carefree play and dolphin jumps not to mention.

In 2010, the public institution Kamenjak began with the work of making educational and recreational trail Paths of dinosaurs on Kamenjak. You can find the trail on the right side of the peninsula, 300 meters from the entrance. The total length of the trail is about 600 meters. And what you’ll be able to see are the natural-sized dinosaur models, which is a real experience for the youngest and an amusing attraction for the elderly. Traces of the dinosaurs which used to walk the Kamenjak can be found on the plate rocks.

Along the path, there are also suitable tables describing the geological attractions of Kamenjak. The richest dinosaur footprint in Europe is on the islet of Fenoliga with more than a hundred footprints. They were found to belong to a four-legged dinosaur from the sauropod group and were estimated to be about 3 meters high, 11 meters long, and weighing about 13 tons. Impressive, isn’t it? There will also be one unmistakable photo-motive on your memory card. A place of various inspirations by day, especially at dusk.

Small lighthouse Porer. It was built in the 19th century so you will notice its Austro-Hungarian outlines. Beauty will entice you to swim towards it, but you must know that the currents that reign there are so strong, and it will direct you in every other direction, just not in the one you want. Be careful not to be one of those tourists who, with strong warnings, overestimates the power of their “air-mattress” in the fight against the dance of the currents. Instead, watch it at dusk from the well-known Safari Bar, where children can play on amusing devices. There is no better feeling at the end of the day after seeing it all and after a good tan than sipping sangria and smearing your lips with a delicious squid sandwich.

When planning a visit to this cape, make room for various activities. Because there you can walk, run, bike, dive, surf. The cycling trails of the Upper and Lower Kamenjak are one of the most popular in Istria. International mountain biking competitions and numerous other recreational events are also held here. Particularly exciting is the Full Moon Cycling, and as its name implies, it takes place at night during the full moon during the summer months.

Surfers already know about this area, and with the first wind like butterflies on their sails and boards, they jump and live life to the fullest in the wind and waves. Over the years, many kite surfers have joined this pleasure. If you’re not surfing or you haven’t brought a bike, it doesn’t matter. The whole Kamenjak area is ideal for running and trekking. Trails with lush vegetation are a perfect balm for fans of this sport. In the woods of Pinižula Bay, you can also find the exercise equipment. Your muscles will give you real joy in the shade of pine trees overlooking the sea.

If you didn’t see or remember everything during this visit, stop by at the Nature House, which aims to present the marvelous Kamenjak, located in the center of Premantura, right next to the bell tower. Admission to the Nature House is free of charge, with an eco-center with facilities such as aquariums, terrariums, fossils, dinosaur prints, as well as numerous photographs and interactive supplies. In the end, when visiting Kamenjak, the most important thing is to fully indulge your senses and nature, which will know how to relax you from your daily obligations and stress. Because relaxation and enjoyment is the primary goal of this visit, right?

TEXT – Iva Tominovic Matas         PHOTO –  Lovro Barbalich