Sisters by Pole dance

It all started on an icy November day, not so long ago in 2010 when I first walked into the club locker room. The initial insecurity, skepticism, and shyness of everyone present were quickly alleviated by our instructor. I have to admit, at that moment, I never dreamed that the sensual movements of the dance on the pole would change my understanding of myself. The old folk says – It takes all sorts to make a world, and how many different bodily forms are there are so many different perceptions of ourselves. No matter what we are, and who we are, how old we are or how much we weigh, we all feel super sensual, overpowering, and incredibly confident when we indulge in the magic of the pole dance.

In my first training session, which begins with a series of warm-up and stretching exercises that are conceptualized as one choreography that flows from element to element, I felt the first of many benefits of all the training that follows – everyday life remains outside the room. When the door closes, my mind and body surrender to the rhythm of the music and the gentle voice of the instructor who guides us through the exercises. Enjoying sensual body movements, discovering myself through music and movement, in a cozy semi-dark atmosphere, I celebrate female sensuality and the interconnectedness of dancing with my newfound friends. All the worries, stress, and the whole world are left at the door. And every Monday I have two hours for myself. For us.

Our small group soon became more than just a group of women with different life stories and experiences dancing together; we became sisters by pole dance. We have become connected through music and movement, cheering each other on, and each week we can hardly wait to take new steps and learn new elements, all with our friends, sisters, companions on this playful dance path of sensuality. Sisters by pole dance are the only ones who understand this, who feel connected on a transcendental level, free from jealousy and envy, competition and rivalry; we are all beautiful and perfect, sexy, sensual and full of confidence, able to do everything, move the highest mountain of prejudice and negative emotions, breaking down all the barriers in front of us and uniting in a union of respect and understanding, respect for diversity, celebrating personality and originality, where we all celebrate the love of movement, the feeling that flows through us as our fingers barely touch the floor in the rhythm of dance music.

Many people do not understand what pole dance is and what it brings with it. Of course, there are various clubs with different philosophies that they use to master the elements and steps, and for the most part, people tend to label women who practice sensual pole dance as strippers. Often a negative, pejorative tone also occurs. Regardless of prejudice, our philosophy of community, respect for diversity, and a willingness to relax without condemning others remain firm in the face of all comments.

But it’s not just women who enjoy this magical dance expression. Each of us is ready to knock our partner off their feet with our sensual walk, erotically distorted body in a goddess pose, or sexy lap dance on an armchair. Wearing provocative clothes, sexy high heels of 17 centimeters, and enjoying the role, our dance movements, although in the semi-darkness, will leave you breathless warming the atmosphere and witnessing a complete commitment to music, movement and a brilliant sexy goddess within.

The sensual dance on the pole awakened in me all the dreamy sex appeal and sensuality and eroticism accumulated over the years, and released them through cheerful, stimulating training, supported by always smiling my eternal sister by the pole dance.


TEXT – Ines Skobe
PHOTO – Robert Blaskovich