Role playing game

A sudden doorbell interrupted me in dressing for the event later tonight, so I just pulled on a short silk robe over myself and headed for the door. I had already turned the key on the lock when I realized that my socks were visible under the cloak, but there was no time, someone was already eagerly harassing the bell, so I hoped they might not even notice. I knew who was at the door, but the point of this game was to pretend we were absolute strangers. Opening the door, I saw him in his police uniform, serious face. He told me he only has to talk to me and if we could do it behind closed doors. I let him in, but my eyes just slid down his firm and beautifully shaped body, and all the interesting things hanging on the belt around his waist. He came closer to me, leaning me against the railing of the stairs, and only quietly said that I had been arrested for undressing in public. Of course, it was just a fantasy that we both shared, and the reason for his arrival had to be provocative and inviting for sex. He took the wand from his belt, stepped it gently through the noose that kept my robe closed, and smiled with satisfaction when he saw what was in front of him. He took the cuffs and tied my hands to the stair railing.

Imagination is everything, and this story can evolve into as many different scenarios as the human imagination can conceive. Why do we love to play so much when it comes to sex? Because it is fun and imaginative, and because various roles allow us to be someone we are not in real life and truly enjoy sex by fulfilling even the most secret fantasies. Acting as a sexy maid, teacher, police officer, fireman or domino, we discover our hidden desires, our most intimate selves, we are free from inhibitions, prejudices, and fears, and we just – enjoy ourselves. And that is exactly the point of the sexy role, the complete pleasure and satisfaction of fulfilling the desires and fantasies of our own and our partner’s. Each of us has some fantasy, some hidden sexual fantasy that he would like to fulfill, some fetish that makes his whole body tremble.

Sexual fantasies can be a healthy and above all enjoyable way to experience the various dimensions of sex, either alone or with someone else. Some people fantasize, with no intention of experiencing this fantasy, the fantasy itself is what excites them. However, some realize that sexual fantasies are actually a sign of complete sexual pleasure and that they only enhance the mutual pleasure of a partner. Partners who share their fantasies freely, openly and with delight, achieve a high level of mutual intimacy and sexual communication and ultimately experience incredible sex.

Role-playing in sex is one type of sexual fantasy in which it is possible to use the imagination in many different ways. Your imagination becomes a sensual playground where you define the script, props, costumes, and words to ignite your passion. Fantasy started in a public place, further inflame your imagination, and the excitement that grows makes us more bold and self-confident. Hint some sexy scenario, find out how exciting it is to whisper naughty things and what effect this has on your partner and where the game will take you.

Daydreams are more and more achievable today, sex has become more imaginative than ever. The supply of props for a successful show is getting richer every day. It is up to us to choose who we play on which day of the week.

TEXT – Ines Skobe
PHOTO – Robert Blaskovich