Nado – health center

Nado Health Center is a polyclinic that already exists for over ten years. The first center was opened in Osijek, and over the years, centers were formed in Zagreb, Rijeka, and Split. The most recently opened is the new exclusive rehabilitation center NOVA at 78 Kralja Zvonimira Street in Zagreb.

Rehabilitation NOVA is a place designed to offer the most comprehensive rehabilitation service in one place. The center is fully equipped with the latest medical equipment so that rehabilitation methods have the best and fastest effect. As a result, it is not surprising that this center is visited by a large number of famous athletes.

Today’s pace of life is looking for fast and effective solutions to remedy health problems. Therefore, the Nado Center strives for innovation and is always ahead of time:

* the first in Croatia to introduce the name – non-operative spinal decompression therapy. They introduced their concept in the treatment of spine by decompression therapy, and especially in the treatment of the cervical spine, which has proven to be far more effective than those used worldwide

* also, the first introduced preventative medical wellness spine in the world (vertebral lifting), which should be specially introduced in sports clubs

* the first to recommend raw foods in physical therapy, especially for people with inflammatory problems of the locomotor system

* the first in Croatia to introduce a system for photo-optical imaging of the spine without ionizing radiation – Formetric 3/4 D


* they introduced the concept of treating idiopathic adolescent scoliosis opposite to the classic health concept using orthoses

* the first to introduce intermittent traction therapies in Croatia and worldwide as a fundamental therapy in the treatment of idiopathic adolescent scoliosis

* the first in Croatia to introduce traction chairs for lifelong use in scoliosis

* the first in the world to introduce lateral intermittent spinal mobilization (on the table “scolion” – own design) in persons with scoliosis, kyphosis, ossification of the thoracic spine

The leading vision of the Nado Center is happy people without problems in the spine and locomotor system. Their greatest desire is to become one of the leading centers for non-operative spinal decompression therapy (DTK) and scoliosis treatment in the world, therefore natural (physical) methods of treatment. Some of the therapies performed at the Nado Health Center are Decompression Therapy, Yumeiho Manual Therapy, Laser Therapy, Oberon Diagnostics, Allergic Treatment Bicom, Shock Wave Therapies, Huber, and others.

All therapies are performed by highly educated staff, with top-quality equipment, and special attention is given to each patient.
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“From our own experience, we can say that these stretching therapies are the only globally available therapies that are helpful for our symptoms, facilitate our daily functioning, while eliminating problems and pain in many other patients. We recommend a visit to the NADO Clinic. ” – Robert Blaskovich, Editor-in-Chief of Pleasure Magazine