Lip augmentation and consequences

One spring afternoon, I was sitting, trying to capture some time between patients to sort out my thoughts, when the phone rang. – Doctor, two young ladies have arrived. – Two? – Yeah.

As soon as I entered the waiting room, they both stood up and greeted me. One was blonde, 175 cm tall, with legs “up to the neck” only partially covered by a miniskirt, long hair, and a body for a centerfold. The other girl was a brunette and her serious competition. Both pretty and young. I thought, is not Christmas, but some holiday had to be when I have such luck. Just my lucky day, I guess. They immediately remarked that they were here at the recommendation of my colleague from Split. When I brought them to the office, the blonde spoke.

– Doctor, we would like to share.
– You would what?
– We would like to share the lip filler. The brunette just nodded.
– How do you mean?
– We’ve already been to one doctor, but it didn’t go well, so if you can fix us now.

The irregular shape of their unevenly swollen lips was one thing and the touch another. I felt lumps under my fingers that, apart from giving the lips irregular shape, were not comfortable to touch. I couldn’t say much about the feeling the young lady had in her mouth, but I believe he was uncomfortable. Throughout history, lips have been an inspiration to writers, filmmakers, poets, and painters. If we see the soul in the eyes, then we see sensuality on the lips. Full and sensual lips have always been something that people crave. They are a sign of youth and an icon of sensuality. An augmentation (an enlargement) of lips can make a face significantly younger, more attractive, and sexier. I believe you have noticed that people often turn their attention to the lips of speakers and are delighted with their refined movements.

Not everyone wants to have big ones. Still, no one wants to have thin, dry, and unattractive lips. Most of us want a beautifully defined, full, youthful, wrinkle-free lips. Lips shape of each person is unique, but there are several basic shapes that we can distinguish. Thin and flat lips are lips with no definition. These may be due to genetic factors, aging, or smoking. The tissue changes in each person during aging and loses its shape. Then, we have a loss of the upper lip when the upper lip loses volume. The volume loss causes less visible vermilions (redness of the lips). The nose-to-lip ratio gets longer, and it can age us considerably.

The good thing about this atrophy type is that it only needs augmentation of the upper lip. If augmentation does not achieve success, we still have a surgical lifting, the so-called lip lift. Loss of the lower lip is extremely rare and is generally associated with bone deformities. The irregular vermilion margin appears unilaterally, on one or both lips. The last category is the oversized lips, the so-called fish lips, and they are naturally large or already augmented. If they are already enhanced, therapy depends on the filler used, and if naturally enhanced, can be surgically reduced.

Regardless of the lip shape and the type of filler used, make sure the lips are not cracked and dry, as this will also contribute to their sensuality. Therefore, do not bite, or moisturize your lips, drink plenty of fluids and use lip balm. What may not be relevant for the lip volume, but it is for the skin and the redness of the lips – avoid sun exposure.

When considering the need for augmentation, one should first and foremost have other methods in mind that may make lips attractive, since lip augmentation is a procedure by which the use of synthetic or natural agents or surgically affects their shape. Namely, plastic and reconstructive surgery as a branch of medicine was primarily created to correct congenital malformations and acquired defects.

But today’s rhythm of life imposes a younger and fresher appearance until the late years, which makes cosmetic surgery attractive for media. All of this has led to increased patient demands both in the world and in our country. But the West has already abandoned fulfilling the patient’s wishes at all costs. The grotesque outcomes of cosmetic surgery are less commonly encountered, but exceptions confirm the rule. Slowly but surely, natural corrections occur, which are unnoticeable to many. It is precisely such a process that requires a lot of knowledge, expertise, and, of course, experience.

However, it is not the interventions that are interesting, but the problems that patients experience. Patients often come to the clinics for a particular procedure, and the plastic surgeon is the one who needs to know how to evaluate the condition and suggest the best solution. Sometimes a small intervention (Botox or Restylane – hyaluronic acid) can achieve a lot. An unrealistic or unnatural demand should be sought to resolve, explain the possibilities of cosmetic surgery and its objective limits.

When I see that the patient accepts the plan of the procedure, then there is an appointment for surgery. If not, there is no agreement. The best result is one that the environment does not notice. Therefore, the so-called natural appearance is a basic standard before agreeing with the patient. Rejuvenation yes, but not an exaggeration. These are things where there must be a compromise, and any unrealistic request should be rejected in the beginning.

In the case of the two beauties from the beginning of the story, I believe it is clear to everyone that the request should be denied. And I did. I’m a doctor. But I can’t help but wonder – who was the one who caused the lumps? Such a “signature” of surgery is something we all try to avoid. Through history, lips have been an inspiration to many. I also remember those who were my inspiration, the words handwritten above them: “Well, I just want…” And with that philosophy of spite, every patient is a new story, every surgery a new challenge. Every achievement is proof that I can and do love my job.

TEXT – Dr Aleksandar Milenovic