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Marie Diamond – Feng Shui master and best-selling author

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Influenced by a stressful and hectic life, many of us feel vulnerable, and we are experiencing chronic fatigue, dissatisfaction, and anxiety. However, the time of the awakening of consciousness has never been more popular, and you can easily find various solutions about how to fix and have a more peaceful life. One of the methods that successfully helps to make a happier and more successful life is over 6000 years old science from China named Feng Shui.

The term translated means Wind and Water. It is a blend of science, art, and colors. The simplest definition of Feng Shui would be the energy flow impact of the environment on your energy. Which also means influence on your success and money, health, and relationships.

We were very curious to find out how this technique works, and we wanted to become more familiar with it, so we interviewed the most popular Feng Shui Master of the Western world, Marie Diamond.

Marie Diamond is a transformational teacher, speaker, and author of international bestsellers. She is one of the main stars in the movie – The Secret, also known as “Secret behind The Secret” because she helped with Feng Shui techniques to make the movie popular worldwide and make an impact on many people around the world. Among her clients are multi-millionaires and celebrities from the world of movie, music, best-selling writers, top athletes, and leaders (such as Steven Spielberg, the Rolling Stones, Paula Abdul, Dan Acroyd, Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and many more).

Marie says there are three levels of the Law of attraction: Heavenly luck (your soul), Human luck (your thoughts, feelings, and actions), and Earth luck (your environment). Each level has 33,3% influence on the results of your life, so if only one of these areas is not right, your life cannot be happy and prosperous.

Our home is a vision board, and all that is around us is creating a reality in our subconscious mind. The three places that influence us the most are living area, bedroom and office or workspace. Reading this, many of us will realize that our living space is anything but not order and tidiness. Marie shared with us some simple tricks and tips that you can easily follow. Now, all you have to do is roll up your sleeves and bring order to your life.

Could you explain to us how did you learn the Feng Shui technique, since at that time there was not the Internet? So, if you had a teacher or master, or you were reading books, or attending some courses?

•  It started for me when I was 15, and I went to a very difficult time. I had a very major accident. I was run over by a truck, and I also had a near-death experience. I came back from being on the other side, and I asked the spiritual teacher that I already had since I was 7, I asked him: “Why did this happen to me?” and he said, “Well Marie, you have a bad Feng Shui.” That’s the first time I’ve heard about the word Feng Shui. He explained to me that my environment was influencing me and that my bedroom had bad Feng Shui. I didn’t like my bedroom at all. It’s like one of these things, you know, when you grow up you get the clothes of your sister well I got the room of my sister. When she went out of the house, I got her room, and there was still the same images hanging there, the same wallpaper. It probably worked for her, but it did not work for me. I hated that room and, you know, my life was not going so well. I mean, I was very successful at school but, I had no friends. And I was bullied at school. So, I knew something was off. I was already doing a lot of work on the Law of attraction. I was having the right mindset but still, you know, I had many accidents happening there. I was a lot of sick in that room.

So, then I asked my teacher: “What do I do?” He said: “You have to be in a room there’s more sunlight, where you can paint.” He suggested to me some colors that would work for me, and he said: “Create your images.” Because I was a good painter. So, create your images. He gave me some first instructions, and that’s when I started to work with when I was 15. I kept using those basic principals and, you know, things shifted. So, I start having a lot of friends, I had my first boyfriend, and my health was improved. A lot of positive things came out within a few weeks after moving into that other bedroom. You know, I became very successful in my career so I used some basic principles and then when I was 31, my teacher shared that, the first book in Dutch, because I come from Belgium from the Dutch-speaking area, he said, there is a book out in my language on Feng Shui. So, I got that first book and then within a month I’ve heard about this conference, I was in London, where all the Great Masters of Feng Shui are coming together. So I just booked my ticket, and that’s when I started focusing on information on Feng Shui.

There are seven Grandmasters as they call them. One of these was Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. He took me under his wings, and I start studying with him in London, Malaysia in L.A. and to become a Master Practitioner, and Master later on. So, it was really interesting. I believe it is a part of my destiny to learn this, but I was also guided to find a true Master.

But I also started understanding that the typical Feng Shui was brought forth in China and as I am a western woman, I brought Feng Shui together with the more western information.

Can you see any changes in your progress, for example, in applying Feng Shui technique when you started to apply it and now? Do you apply more technique or have any new now in comparison to the time when you started?

 • When you start bringing Feng Shui to the world, you are already more advanced because you cannot start bringing something when you are on a basic level. You have to have done 30 and a few years before you can consult people. But, I would say, now I am considered a Feng Shui Master worldwide. So the influence I have and of course the students I have worldwide, I am considered the Number one Feng Shui Master in the Western world. I am not talking about Asia but in the Western world. I am the most viewed Feng Shui Master on YouTube. I would say the possibilities now that we have on social media and online programs, I have so many students worldwide, hundreds of thousands of students worldwide online. That was not available at that moment, right? So we had to start with teaching people in persons. So, of course, I have 25 years of experience now as a Feng Shui Master. I would say you practice over and over again, you have had hundreds of thousands of hours of practice, right? But I also started understanding that the typical Feng Shui was brought forth in China and as I am a western woman, I brought Feng Shui together with the more western information. So I added and I am focused much more on colors than on symbols. Like the Chinese Feng Shui Master use a lot of Chinese symbols. I brought it in such a way that you can use everything that is in your house to manifest. You don’t have to make the Chinese temple. Everything you have can be seen and checked out what you can use it for Feng Shui. I also, and that is something I learned over the years, I talk much more about the Quantum physics of Feng Shui. How it influences your brain waves, how influences your mindset. As one of the teachers in The Secret, I talk about how the environment influences your Law of attraction. That is something I didn’t talk about in the beginning because I was trained in a typical Chinese way. But I brought it completely into a level that is understandable for the western world.

When you help people, are you using only Feng Shui technique or you have other methods that can also be applied at the same time with the Feng Shui?

• As a Feng Shui Master in the original way of the thousands of years ago, because it is about four thousand years old Feng Shui, a Feng Shui Master knew several things. He would look at how the environment is influencing you through, you know, the front door influences you do way where do you sleep, where you are sitting, the colors, images everything around you influences you. But Feng Shui Masters always had another aspect, and that was Dowsing. Dowsing is an energy method, a system really, where you can find out where is underground water. That’s what people do to find wells, for example. They would always look where are Ley lines, and the Chinese would call Dragon lines. They would always look where the strongest energies are in a room or a place so they would then build that place there. They make sure that people would sleep or sit on strong energy places or even energy for vortexes. So for the last, I would say, thousand years, a lot of the Feng Shui Masters forgot about that aspect, and for me, I felt that was as important.

So I teach people Diamond Feng Shui, that’s my school, but also Diamond Dowsing and I teach them how to dowse a place for finding the negative, I would say the negative spots in the house from the underground water fault lines, electricity, Wi-Fi and how to cure that. And this is very easy to learn. That is a second aspect I also talk about. But I’ve also always talked to people about inner Feng Shui. I call it the Inner Diamond System. I teach people, not just to use the Chi the energy of the environment but also how to connect with the inner Chi, the Chi of the energy of your source. What people would call it your soul or your spirit, your heart. So I always would work with certain people, it’s not just working on the outside also working on the inside, and making sure that these aspects align. These are my three big systems: Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, and Inner Diamond Meditation.

But Feng Shui Masters always had another aspect, and that was Dowsing. Dowsing is an energy method, a system really, where you can find out where is underground water. That’s what people do to find wells, for example.

How you help bigger companies to be more successful, to be better in their business since when we are speaking about Feng Shui is about fixing the flow of the energy in space and bigger companies have larger offices? Do you combine Feng Shui with some other techniques that you mentioned?

• When I work with bigger companies, what we have seen with Feng Shui, what we can help them with is first of all the level of the concentration. Because you know people are sitting 8 hours, 10 hours and even longer sometimes at their desk. They’re not always on the highest level of productivity. So we have seen if people are facing the right direction, if they have the right colors around them, the right messages around them then their concentration level goes up.

The second thing we see when we practice Feng Shui for bigger companies is a level of absenteeism. The level of people taking off because of illness and sickness will go down. Because if you have a company that has a greater harmony then, people love to come to work. They even love more to come to work than being at their home. They won’t find excuses to come to work. So that’s one of the things where we have seen a huge difference in that level.

I also focus on making show their values. Every company has a vision, a mission, goals, and values that they want to manifest through their services and their products in the world. So, a lot of times they just use that for marketing or in their teamwork. But they don’t always express it in their environments. So, I call that energetic branding. I always make sure that their vision, mission, goals, and values are expressed through the colors, through the images that are in the space, where people work, that people visit, even online. I do work with a lot of companies to help the energetic branding of their website. To see that these deeper layers of their message are represented in everything that they express. And even sometimes they will ask me to ensure I have run that for their products and programs. Musicians, for example, or publishing houses will make sure that whatever their product is if it is music or books that it is in the same energy flow. That’s what we do with major companies. But I also have a lot of major companies that are looking for the level of safety and wellbeing in their house or their company. I work with a lot of petrochemical companies where they start having a lot of safety issues and accidents.

So as we redesigned and remodeled with right harmonic colors and vibrations their offices and places where people work, their accidents went down, their safety issues went down. I believe that people can only concentrate on a certain point. They only can feel well to a certain point with their mindset. You need to bring in the environment. Because, the environment influences you non-stop, 24 hours a day. Where you sleep, where you work, where you live, it influences you non-stop.

The color of logo of your company or maybe a product, for example, if you sell china or anything else where you can apply color on it, can also influence the success of your business?

• Yes, definitely. The colors are a major influence. Colors give energy. Adds the energy vibration to it. Some people will feel a tendency to be attracted to green others to gold or others to purple, whatever it is, right? It is not just a color and a vibration, there’s some meaning behind it. I work in Diamond Feng Shui with 24 colors that six of that affect success and money, six of that affect relationship, six of that affect your health and also six affect your wisdom. We call them Quantum colors, so based on the birthday of a person, based on the start of the company, there is an energy flow that happens. Like right now, you are wearing emerald green that stands for healing. We are sitting in these beautiful chairs that are, I would call, a magenta. And magenta stands for peace and harmony. I wear a lot of gold that stands for abundance. Logos give influence to people. People put a connection with the color. Sometimes I have seen that the company started with good colors and then they changed it because it is a different time and then people don’t feel connected with it anymore. Or people sometimes have bad colors in their logo, and I say okay let’s change that and then their business goes up. Colors give a subconscious message to the audience.

So, I call that energetic branding. I always make sure that their vision, mission, goals, and values are expressed through the colors, through the images that are in the space, where people work, that people visit, even online.

For example, if someone calls you from the Croatian government and ask you to be an advisor or maybe help the country in progress, what could you advise and what steps it’s needed to be taken first?

• Well, I did help a few governments in the past. One of the first things and I’ve been a lot in Croatia, so one of the first things I would say to the government is, revitalize the beauty you have. You have beautiful buildings, so revitalize that. Make sure they are cleaned up, they are beautiful again. Take off the graffiti. Especially on governmental buildings, on buildings like theaters, culture centers. Make sure they look beautiful. I think that is the first big step I would do. If the government shows its greatness through their buildings then if they cleaned that up, people will clean up also their own homes. And make sure your parks are beautiful. I know there are beautiful parks and places in Croatia, but make sure your parks are welcoming. Make sure there’s a lot of fountains because fountains create flow and create abundance. And inside for the government, I always make sure every authority is always sitting in the right way. Not just for the people in the government, for everyone. I always make sure you see the door when you speak to people. Set your desks in such a way that you see the door. When you have places where you gather for conferences, put the beauty of Croatia in pictures. So it could be the flag, it could be beautiful images of different parts of Croatia. Make sure the government is connecting with everyone and every place in the country. Remind the people that are in charge for who they work for, and for what they work for by placing the right images around them. Sometimes we want to put images up and the statutes from the past like the great ones that lived before us. But ultimately the government does not work for the past they work for the people present now. So make sure you show pictures of that.

You mentioned before the date of the birth of a person is important, and there are 9 energy types. How to fix the energy flow in a home where live people with different energy numbers?

• Well, the first step is, you need to know your energy number. If people want they can always go to the website on where they click on free energy report and put their name and the gender. Then they get a report to understand what is their energy number. So, there are 9 numbers, 1 to 9, and they are connecting with compass directions. Everybody, when you are born, is connected with a compass direction for success, one for health, one for relationship and one for your wisdom. The first one is success direction and is really important. That’s why you would use a compass, and you then find out, in your living room, your bedroom, and your office what is right now in your success direction.

Right now mine is South-West, in this lifetime is South-West. So I always make sure that I place something that inspires me in the South-West. In my living room, it will be my family because that is my success. In my office will be my books. Actually, in my success direction, I have an image of Croatia. All the countries that I have worked to it or worked in, I have placed a symbol of that. Because I want to be successful in that area. It could be that you place a logo of your company there or a vision board or books on success or a flag of your country or something that manifests stronger there.

When you have different numbers, few numbers are very similar, and they are energy number 1, 3, 4 and 9. We call that East people and they have a combination of North, South, East and Southeast, compass directions. It’s easier for them to activate their home. Energy number 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8, are connected with the West, and they will have Southwest, West, Northwest, and Northeast as compass directions. It is a little bit easier for them to work together. But what you always do is, there are several steps. The first thing you always check out is your front door. You are standing in the front door of your home or your office, and you’re faced out. Then with your compass, you check if is that a good direction for you, if it is one of your four good directions. Now, if you have people that one is an East person and one is a West person then if the front door is good for one person you make sure that the bed is good for the other person. So, how can you measure the bed? You stand at the foot end, look at the headboard, you measure the compass where the head is pointed towards. And then you try to give that direction to the other person. Sometimes that’s not even possible because, you know, you cannot always change your home around. But then you can look for your office. There you can sit behind your desk, hold your compass and make sure your desk is facing and you’re looking in a good direction. You can then switch your desk in such a way or a computer screen so everybody can then work in their area.

If you don’t have an office, you can do it in the dining room. You can sit on a sofa facing a good direction. So, you always try to face as much as possible a good direction, because then your brain wave will go from, what we call, beta into the alfa. Beta brain wave is when we are not concentrated. We are kind of in, you know, in 9 till 5 modes, like we are not very awakened. You know the people that live from 9 to 5, don’t ask a lot of questions, they are like on automatic pilot. That’s beta brain waves. When you are facing the right direction, what happens is, your brain wave will go into alfa brain wave. When you go into alfa your brain will open up more, and you start seeing the beauty, you will start to be enthusiastic, you will be more like – oh, look this is possible, you will see the opportunities more. You will also feel happier, and more inspired and you will start asking more questions about what you can do for your world, for your life, and your community. So you open up your life, you stop living on automatic pilot, and you start directing your airplane. You are going in your direction. Changing your position, that is always an important piece. And then you also activate the area. So once you know your success direction, you place something in your success direction and inspires you. You also have a relationship direction. In the relationship direction, you will put something connected with you, in the living room for your family and your bedroom for your romance and your office for your colleagues and team. You put images that are connected with it.

I just want to mention that, we have a book in Croatian version called the Energy number book where people can actually, even if they don’t speak English, they can go and get that book, and you will then see what is your birthday and then follow exactly the steps that are in the book.

Everybody, when you are born, is connected with a compass direction for success, one for health, one for relationship and one for your wisdom.

While we were preparing for this interview, we tried to get this energy number and to see what is saying in the report. There was something a bit confusing. There are steps that you need to follow to have better success or if you want better health. And there are things like if you want success you need to sleep in one direction, and if you want to have better health is another direction for the same number. What is the priority?

• It depends on what you choose, right? So if you want to focus more on success, you want to face your success. If you want to focus more on your health, you can sleep in a certain direction. So it is not that you have to do everything, you have to make a choice what do you want. If somebody is single, she doesn’t want to focus on success. Perhaps she wants to focus on finding true love. So then I will suggest, well, do these steps. Make sure you sleep the right direction activate your romantic direction. When you go, and you meet somebody, make sure you face the right direction as much as possible. So these are choices. Is not you can do all at once, it is not possible.

It’s impossible, yes. That’s why I am asking, what if we need to make a priority? Or do things one by one?

• If it is a priority, I will suggest going for the success direction. But there is always one rule that you cannot forget, and that is, you always try to see the door. Right now, we are not set up in such a way but is because of the light. But if we would be here, and do the Feng Shui, we would sit on the other side so that we could see the door. But now, we could just imagine that the door is where the camera is. So always try to see the door. Whenever you are sitting, whenever you are waking up, and you stand up, see the door. And then, if you see the door, you try to face a good direction, and sometimes you cannot face the success direction because is just not possible. Then you try to face your health direction, or a relationship, or your wisdom direction. So you have four to choose out of, and most of the time you can accommodate your position to face one of these directions.

I have one question that needs an explanation. Is it more important to follow general rules or rule that you have by your energy number? For business success, for example, in general rules, you need to face the door when you are sitting. But according to your number, you need to sit facing East or West. What is more important to follow?

• The first rule is always a power position, you need to see the door. This is always the first rule. And then from there, you try to see if personal rules apply too. And even if you cannot face the right direction, you can still activate the different areas in the room. Perfect Feng Shui doesn’t exist. I always tell people, even in my space, I see the door, but I cannot face my success direction. Because in my office then I would be with my back to the door. And sitting with your back to the door always brings your business down, so you don’t want that, you always want to see your client coming in. Even if you are online working in your office, the door is always where people come in. You perhaps want to see the window, and you say there is a beautiful view. But you don’t see the door. I would say people don’t come through the window. And when people are coming through the window, they mostly have not always a good idea, or they have not a good purpose to come into your house. If you want, you can see the door and see the window, but always the major rule is seeing the door. The second one is to try it to adapt to your personal experience.

And also don’t meditate in your office because meditation is something inner, an inner work you do, and is like the last thing you see is all your papers, and the computer and the phone. Make sure there is no electricity around you.

We know that mediation is really important for every person. Is any, let say, better space or better Feng Shui technique to make meditation more effective, to meditate better, to have a deeper experience, or to connect more?

• I do feel that most people intuitively if they want to meditate or take some time for themselves, is like our body is a compass in itself. So we mostly feel kind of where we are sitting if we can go in a silent space. Always make sure there’s not too much noise around you. If it is a lot of noise, make sure there is some background music or silent noise or some fountain to have a different experience. Always make sure you sit in a place where the colors are calm. So, for example, the colors where we are sitting in right now is really good for having an active conversation. It is quite a fiery color. But I wouldn’t meditate in a place like this. I would first focus on a place that is like more white or beige or earth tones. I would not go to places that have too many reds and fire colors because the mind cannot calm down there so much. But also water, watercolors, near the water always calms down the vibration.

And also the images that are around you. If you have images around you that are, I would say, too hectic, too chaotic. You can say your eyes are closed but the last thing you see before you close your eyes if that is too hectic that is not a great place. And also don’t meditate in your office because meditation is something inner, an inner work you do, and is like the last thing you see is all your papers, and the computer and the phone. Make sure there is no electricity around you. Take your phone away you don’t want each time to react to every beep and sound that comes in. Take the computer away, so make sure there’s an electromagnetic free zone where you meditate. I would suggest that.

When we speak about Feng Shui, we are mostly speaking about indoor spaces. But how important is the flow of energy around the house? Does this energy affect the energy in the house? Because we have some clutter around the house and garbage bins, and things like that.

• If we look at our own body, right? And we are in a physical body, and if we would be in a space that has a lot of clutter, we won’t feel so happy there. We feel distorted and distracted by it. Well, your home is also a physical body, and if that physical body is surrounded by clutter, garbage bins, boxes outside, whatever is there, you know, dead flowers and plants, chaos, then you would not feel good about that, even if you are inside the house because we are not just three-dimensional physical beings. We are energetic beings. Sometimes you are with somebody, and you don’t even touch that person, but you feel the energy like, oh, I don’t feel so good with that person. You are not that connected with that physical body, but there is an aura field. So also around the houses is an aura field, an energy field, and it does affect you, especially when you are, for example, at the entrance.
As you walk in from the street to your entrance, make sure you have a fresh carpet, you have fresh flowers there, you don’t see the garbage bin each time you want to walk into your house. Make sure your door is without spiderwebs. Make sure is fresh and clean outside and inside. But also where your bedroom is, especially where people sleep. I always suggest that just the outside area where they sleep if is possible, one to two meters in the garden is for sure free. Of course, that is not so easy when people live in apartments. Their neighbors are actually in their aura field, so you don’t know, you have no control over that. That is something we cannot change, but I would suggest something, a very simple technique that really works. Get some white quartz crystals, like they don’t have to be big, wash them with lavender soap, charge them in the Sun for few hours and then put them in the four corners of your house, of your apartment at the outside corners, on the floor and the ceiling. Putting them there you are telling and protecting the apartment from any influence of the outside. And take these crystals every few months, like every six months, wash them, clean them, charge them and place them back. Just tape them up there. It just creates, I call that crystalline support and protection.

Can we apply Feng Shui or some other method to spaces like a personal car? Because we spend much time in the car, especially if you use it for your job, like truck drivers or taxi drivers and things like that. Is it possible maybe to also work with Feng Shui there?

• Yes, definitely. So, one of the things when people know their energy number they will also know their good colors. I always suggest people get the color of a car that connects with their success direction. That will help them to be more successful. One of the things that I say to people is do not have too much clutter in your car. Because clutter is chaos and always brings your energy down. I have seen sometimes, you know, people throw everything to the back or the side, they smoke inside the car. Always hang something that gives you freshen energy, like a beautiful smell. Something that you like because it’s your car. Especially if you smoke, that’s a good thing to do. And also, I like people to have a little image of their family if they are, for example, truck drivers or taxi drivers. They are so long in the car. Especially for truck drivers, I always suggest to hang some pictures out because you are still connected with your family, even if you are on the road. And then, you know, I will take care of my self more because I have a duty towards my family. I do love that, and some people hang protection symbols around the mirror. I am really in favor of that.

Can this also protect us, for example, in the traffic where is a lot of energy flowing that is coming to us? Is it possible to protect us from this energy influence?

• One of the things that I always suggest to the people is before you go into traffic, and you know you are going to be into traffic, take some time to breathe deeply in and out. Just imagine your whole heart to be filled with like sunlight, and even to have sunlight around you. Imagine that there is light between you and your journey to the place where you go. And ask, literally I believe in that because I’ve seen this happening over and over again, ask for an open space, ask for open energy and even for when you need parking space, already visualize I will have parking space. You know, we call it parking angels, or whatever you call it. I always program, and I say to the Universe like in a half of hour I will be there, make sure there is a space for me. And always works. Sometimes you have to drive around one time, but in a minute it’s there. So, when you are in traffic, instead of being upset, I think good Feng Shui is to put some music. Don’t listen to much to conversations but put some nice music on. Start thinking in gratitude about your life. You know, like oh, I have such a wonderful day, or I am going to that next meeting, that will be so amazing, instead of being upset about everybody around you. Send some light out, everybody is frustrated, everybody is upset so be the factor of goodness and light, instead of the factor of anger.

Our magazine is called Pleasure, it is about the beauty of life, and our slogan is – seriously fun. There is one question we always ask people, which we make the interview with, and the question is – What for you mean Pleasure?

• For me pleasure is first of all being with my family, being with my children. That’s the greatest pleasure for me. I would say the second pleasure for me is to inspire people, to empower people and seeing people having AHA moments. That gives me such joy in my heart. Like, “oh this is what I could do, this is why things are not going well for me. If I change this, I can do some changes in my life”. Giving people back hope in their life, that is the greatest pleasure for me.

Do you have any message for our readers or you have some word of wisdom that you would like to share?

• Well, definitely what I would like to share to them is, first of all, you are the director of your life. You can change your life. But you need to start with making goals, making plans, following through with them but also being in gratitude for the life you already have. And for the life that you are going to live. Don’t forget to love yourself and to love the people around you.


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TEXT – Vesna Dzuverovich
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