High heels shoes a must-have!

It is common knowledge that women love centimeters. Tradition says that it is already 7 centimeters enough to satisfy a woman, but the majority still prefers a slightly greater length. The number jumps to 12 to 14 centimeters, which is quite solid and not for everyone. In the latter case, the woman needs a strong will and a dose of courage, but in the end, if she stays with her plan, the results are more than satisfactory. With their appearance, some specimens give women a sense of excitement, move their imagination. In shape, texture, and color, they are adapted to different situations and occasions, from that every day when we primarily appreciate functionality with a good visual impression, to special occasions in which all present enjoy carefully selected specimens that already do half their job, while the functionality and practicality are in the background. Women who wear them drive almost every man crazy and make other women jealous.

Every woman wants to look irresistible and radiant with sex appeal and attract numerous glances of men, but also of envious women. Depending on the model that women use, that is, about chosen centimeters, the man’s arousal increases. But also a woman’s. Because these high-heeled shoes change the posture and style of walking, making walking more seductive and sensual. Yes, high-heeled shoes have a magical effect on a woman’s physical appearance. They make them slimmer, lengthen their legs, strengthen their buttocks, and give a sense of self-confidence. Women like to wear high heels because they feel beautiful and sexy, but also because of the sense of power they give them. Many men also have a kind of fetish on their shoes and indescribably “burn” them when their partner wears dizzy heels in a loving clinch.

While many truly sexy models are actually for everyday and public use, there are also those shoe models that are designed just to spread fire in the privacy of your bedroom. Alone or in combination with some seductive piece of underwear, these “hot” models can be an essential ingredient in many fantasies. Most men will admit that turns them on when looking at the woman in passing by while walking in high heels while swaying her hips seductively. As a rule, women wear high heel shoes as they walk more slowly, which allows men to look well at them and enjoy the view for a relatively long time. Women have a lot to say about themselves with shoes, and they mean more to them than a man would think. Shoes are to women what cars are to men. Nowadays, shoes are more than ever related to sex and seduction, and women know this very well and use them to achieve what they want. Although at first glance, the shoe as such does not appear to be a special phenomenon in human lives – human behavior shows us the opposite. With shoes, women seduce men (and women) or heal depression and despair, and brighten up the days when everything seems black. That’s not so strange, since childhood, we have been taught that for happiness you need only a shoe. If you are still not sure how important the shoes are, remember how the Cinderella’s story ended up.


TEXT – Ines Skobe
PHOTO – Andrija Kozlek