Give the face a youthful look

Intense hydration and removal of sun damage is our principal task!

Summer is behind us. We are back sun-bathed, rested, and full of holiday impressions. We relaxed and forgot that annoying everyday life that connects us to our business. I believe that female members, just like me, avoided makeup during the holidays and used to go out with only a little gloss on their lips and with an indispensable accessory – glasses.

Everything goes back to old after the vacation, from the morning make-up “covering” to the careful picking of clothes, we will walk around the city. Often you apply a thick layer of powder, because of small freckles, blemishes or uneven complexion, which is a result of too much sun exposure, and a poor protective factor. But this is not the right solution as our face is withered and thirsty more than ever. If you want to capture attention with a tanned look, you need to restore moisture and elasticity to shine again.

September is the month when we rested cling to work, and at the same time, we have to devote some more time to our appearance. What happens to our skin during the summer? Summer with the sun can often cause numerous skin damage, destroying the beauty of our tan, fulfilling our skin with blemishes. Stains and spots are most commonly seen on the face, neck, neckline, and hands.

The skin is dry, slightly wrinkled, and often full of impurities. Now that you are still tanned, microdermabrasion is the best solution to remove the dead skin layer. This gentle exfoliation with the help of a stream of aluminum crystals will maximally cleanse the skin, and if there are problems, it will have an excellent effect on acne, wrinkles, blemishes, and scars. Tanned skin does not mind for this treatment, and you can return to the sun again three days after it, of course, using a protective factor.

Any authentic specialist in the field will add Hyaluron ampoules after treatment and interject them into the subcutaneous area with ultrasound treatment. This procedure will deeply moisturize the skin. You will feel elasticity and see a new glow on your face. Cosmetics are also essential in the whole process! Let’s be honest it is 60% from every treatment, and therefore we should not skimp on it, and it is also essential to choose it well. In these still warm days, it is not necessary to put too much on your face. It is vital to avoid vitamin C, and my recommendation is a light cream, moisturizing, and with loads of oxygen. There is a professional cosmetics Reviderm selection with which you cannot go wrong.

If after such microdermabrasion treatment, you still notice stains that have not diminished wait until you lose color and choose the photorejuvenation IPL method for your next treatment. This light technology is a treatment commonly called – movie star treatment, and after just one intervention, your skin will be perfect again. You will not only remove stains and tiny capillaries, but you will also perform a slight facelift that will rejuvenate you naturally.

So, after the summer days, autumn is a season where we will work a lot on our appearance, and we will have to choose the best solution for these small aesthetic procedures.

My recommendation is microdermabrasion, and IPL technology, the power of light in the service of beauty. The technology that will delight you with the speed of treatment, and most importantly, excellent results.

And a little tip for the end, if you decide to do something for yourself, treat yourself additionally with a product that will be right for your skin type and will maintain the results achieved.
If you are not sure what is best for you, ask, write to us, or use the skin analysis to find out the answer to that question.

TEXT – Kristina Ukalovic  PHOTO – Reviderm