Date Night Ideas in London

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Paris may be called the most romantic city in the world, but London, the capital of the reputedly straightlaced UK, is really starting to give it some competition on the dating scene.

In London, there are endless activities you can do to make date nights something different from the norm, outright fun, and also pretty exciting. Forget taking awkward riverside strolls in the moonlight or struggling to make conversation in a wine bar over a couple of glasses of wine that have set you back half a month’s salary. They’re all things that are, excuse the pun, totally outdated.

All of the following date nights you can go on when you’re in London will literally take your dating to a whole new level. If it’s a first date you’re planning, then you’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impression that will have your date wondering what on earth you’re going to come up with for date number two.

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From bars to bingo to sunset steam train trips, nothing is boring about going on a date in London.

Best bars for a date night in London


The Star By Liverpool Street
Location – 94 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ

Date nights can often feel like a routine, but not when you’re at Star by Liverpool Street. This isn’t just a pub; it’s a 21st-century social hub just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street Station. Forget about needing an icebreaker; the ever-changing craft beers, fine wines, and Hotbox London-curated menu will give you plenty to talk about. 

Once you’re settled in, you might find yourself in Karaoke Heaven located in the basement, where you can choose from five individually themed rooms to belt out your favorite tunes. And if you’re a sports fan, you’re in luck. 

This is the go-to spot in the City of London for live sporting events, from the Premier League to the World Cup. So, whether it’s a casual lunch, after-work drinks, or a weekend bash, Star by Liverpool Street has got you covered.

London Bridge Rooftop Bar
Location – Colechurch House, Bridge Walk

One way to really impress your date is to take them to the London Bridge Rooftop Bar. The views from this rooftop bar at night are beyond incredible. Think of the entire London skyline spread out below with the Shard, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the London Eye, and Big Ben as the picture’s highlights.

The bar is open all year round and while they do provide heating and blankets in the colder months, great for snuggling, make sure your date knows they need to wear something that will keep them warm. You don’t need to reserve a table, but it’s a good idea if you do as they only accept walk-ins if there’s enough room. If you’re the one paying the bill, you’ll be pleased to know this bar has exceptionally reasonable prices for both food and drink.

First date ideas in London

The Sunset Steam Express
Location – Victoria Station, Victoria Street

Climbing up Primrose Hill in London’s Regent Park to sit on the grass and watch the sunset may sound like a great first date, but it’s not. The grass can be dry and prickly enough to have you itching for a week, plus cloud coverage on the distant horizon can leave you regretting your choice of destination.

Impress your date by taking them on the Sunset Steam Express. This beautiful old steam locomotive departs from Victoria Station around 6 pm for a four-hour journey through the Surrey countryside. There are three levels of food and drink you can spoil your date with during the trip, pullman-style, premier, or standard, and they’re all impressive. Take your love interest on the steam express, and it’ll be a date they’ll never forget.

Otherworld VR
Location – 336 Acton Mews, Hackney

It’s not usual to go traveling together the first time you date someone, or even the second or third, but go to Otherworld, and you’ll be taking your date on an unexpected trip to a paradise island, albeit virtually. It’s also perfect if you’re shy and struggle to make conversation.

Once you’re both settled in your immersion pods and have your VR headsets in place, you’ll begin a virtual journey with your date through magical landscapes and be able to communicate with each other’s avatars. If paradise islands aren’t your preference, don’t worry. There are options for enjoying a zombie apocalypse and many other virtual experiences. Otherworld VR truly takes dating to another dimension.

Location – 90 Worship Street

Take your date to Hijingo, and you could come out a winner in more ways than one. Hijingo is at heart all about playing bingo, which can be boring, but at Hijingo, it’s anything but, and you definitely won’t run into your granny there.

Hijingo is a state-of-the-art bingo hall where there are motion graphics, LED lighting, and music that will have you dancing in your seat, let alone concentrating on crossing numbers off your card. There are also pre-game shows to build the tension and get you in the mood for shouting full house. Hijingo makes for an exciting and entertaining date that you won’t need to work too hard at to make a success.

Special date night ideas in London


Aire Ancient Baths Spa
Location – 2-3 Robert St, London WC2N 6BH

The Aire Ancient Baths Spa is not somewhere you can take a first date, but if you’ve been seeing someone for a while and things have gone a bit stale, this will certainly liven them up and make your partner feel special.

Enter into the temple-like building of bare brick arches lit by candles, and you could easily have time-warped back to ancient Greece or Rome, and that’s the atmosphere it was designed to create. You and your date will slip into the thermal or cold waters of the beautifully illuminated pools one after the other on a therapeutic tour. There are several special experiences just for couples, so if a wine bath with your partner or a joint argan massage sounds good, you’ll be in the right place.

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